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Sonia Neameyer

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About Sonia

Sonia Neameyer is a partner in Caldwell’s Chicago office.  She has expert knowledge of The Predictive Index (PI) and loves helping clients get the most out of the analytics.  She is a master trainer and executive consultant of Caldwell Analytics (Certified PI Partner and division of Caldwell Partners).


Prior to joining Caldwell, Sonia was a master trainer of Applied Behavioral Academy (leading Master Training Center for PI clients) where she led hundreds of PI trainings to rave reviews.  Before ABA, she was a master trainer and executive consultant of Predictive Synergistic Systems (fastest-growing licensee in The Predictive Index’s history). Prior to her work with analytics, she was a certified life coach. Before coaching, Sonia was founder, CEO, and recruiting director of LeadPoint Financial, Inc. which specialized in filling finance/accounting roles with top talent for over a decade.  Sonia started her career as a CPA in public accounting.


Sonia is an Associate Certified Coach, Certified Public Accountant, and graduate of the University of North Dakota where she received a Bachelor of Accountancy.

Recent Feedback

“I’ve been through PI training many times – this was by far the most impactful.”
~Senior Vice President, Innovation / water treatment & technical maritime solutions company

“Sonia, Thank you so much! You are the best trainer/teacher I have ever had. You were super knowledgeable, really fun to work with, and did an amazing job keeping everything specific to our organization. We really appreciated your flexibility throughout the workshop. The entire group truly enjoyed the experience. Again, many thanks for coming through for us last-minute and really making us so excited about getting PI off the ground here.”
~Director, Talent Acquisition / print & digital media company

“Hi Sonia. The sessions were quite effective. I learned a lot and was able to self-reflect and think about how to use the tool with my team. So, this was time well spent. Your teaching and coaching style are very effective. Thank you very much and all the best.”
~Senior Vice President, Operations / water treatment & technical maritime solutions company

“Thank you so much, Sonia! Your virtual presentation and interactions were certainly best-in-class! So excited to get the full potential out of PI moving forward.”
~Senior Talent Acquisition Partner / medical products company

“Awesome!! Thank-you. Great course and I appreciate your excellent teaching/coaching/facilitating skills. It’s difficult to do that normally, let alone virtually!”
~Chief Operations Officer / custom-engineered powder metallurgy product solutions company

“I wanted to personally thank you for the excellent training sessions. You listened to input, and you were very clear in your responses. Pace was very good, even. Great voice and delivery. I very much appreciated the privilege to learn about this excellent software tool from a true professional. I wish that I had been exposed to this earlier in my career. Again, thank you so much.”
~Vice President, Technology & Applications Development / custom-engineered powder metallurgy product solutions company

“Sonia was amazing and the ED’s enjoyed their time with her. We all really thought she knew her info. Wished she had been there for our previous training.”
~Regional Vice President, Operations / senior care company

“The training was great, and Sonia was AMAZING!  Would love to have her come back to do the next phases of our training at a later time.”
~Program Portfolio Director / senior care company

“Just wanted to let you know that one of the participants here at LAUNCH attended a two-day with you prior to coming here and RAVED about how great you were and how comfortable he would be sending a client to be trained at an MTC with you!”
~ Director of Learning, The Predictive Index

“Sonia, My client told me how you spent an additional hour with her after training to help her grasp the material from the training. She is exhausted and overwhelmed (you diagnosed correctly) and was not grasping the material during the sessions. She said that your care of her made a big difference. Thanks for always going above and beyond. It is truly special.”
~ Client Success Manager, The Predictive Index

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