It Takes a Leader to Recognize One

Outstanding executive leaders not only understand, but embrace the need for critical change within a company. They instinctively know that differentiation is what it takes to separate a single organization within a crowded and highly competitive playing field.

Since 1970, Caldwell has worked closely with candidates and clients to conduct executive leadership searches around the globe. In addition, many of these executive searches have reached all the way up to the very top rungs of the corporate ladder, to include director and board candidates.

As one of the world’s premier executive search firms, we’ve honed the ability to go beyond the usual suspects. At the same time, we carefully evaluate and match candidates to the precise goals your organization helps us define. This informed perspective allows us to deliver critical value that will open the doors to new opportunities for your business.

In fact, with more than 20,000 senior-executive level searches under our belts, Caldwell has gained the in-depth knowledge and professional insight to serve even the most demanding companies. We help our customers successfully identify, attract, and recruit the industry’s best and brightest for their key leadership positions.

Our Team Works for You

For each project we undertake, Caldwell carefully selects a specialized and dedicated team who will stay focused on each customer’s needs, goals and leadership criteria. Working collaboratively with your own internal team, we’ll carefully evaluate the requirements necessary, and then narrow the playing field to deliver only the most exceptional candidates—proven leaders who can quickly propel your company toward its pre-defined goals.

Services Beyond the Expected

You don’t spend five decades in executive leadership consulting without learning a few new things along the way. For Caldwell, this knowledge allows us to deliver greater value to our clients, above and beyond our top-notch search and recruiting expertise.

Our recent merger with IQTalent means we are able to leverage AI and innovative technology to offer a full spectrum of services delivered by teams with deep knowledge in their respective areas.

  • Professional level search – We understand that transformative talent is not limited to the executive levels – emerging leaders and advancing professionals can also have a huge impact on a company’s ability to turn potential into success. Our sister company IQTalent provides a range of services at the professional level in a scalable and adaptable on-demand format.
  • Caldwell Analytics – Business problems are people problems. Solve them with talent optimization. Caldwell Analytics is a talent optimization solution that uses highly respected, results-driven assessments to align our clients’ talent and business strategies, driving better business results.
  • Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Advisory – To meet the growing need for diversity, equity and inclusion experience and advice, our DEI Advisory Councils can partner exceptional advisors from our broad network of executives with client companies looking for strategic support.

Stay on top of the latest intel across multiple industries and continents.