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Adam Cotterall is a Partner in Caldwell’s Technology and Financial Services practices, working with clients across North America to build their leadership teams, with additional depth in recruiting CFOs, CHROs, and CIO/CTOs across a variety of sectors. Specializing in the emerging technologies space, Adam is frequently called upon to recruit senior leaders with expertise in transformation, product management & development, sales & marketing, artificial intelligence, data & analytics, industrial tech, CleanTech, EdTech, and FinTech. Leveraging a broad human capital consulting background, clients count on Adam for strategic counsel, service excellence, and a professional approach that leads to exceptional outcomes.


Prior to joining Caldwell, Adam held the position of Vice President, Client Services at Right Management, the world’s largest talent and career management consulting firm, where he helped regional and global clients align their talent strategy with business strategy. Earlier, Adam was the Associate Director of the Learning Strategies Group and Executive Education at the Segal Graduate School of Business, where he focused on designing custom leadership development programs and consulting initiatives driven by the strategic priorities of his corporate clients.


Adam holds an MBA from Queen’s University, a BBA from Simon Fraser University with a concentration in management and Organization Studies, and is a Chartered Professional in Human Resources (CPHR).

More About Adam

He has been an active member of the business community and has taught courses in leadership, strategic decision-making, organization strategy & design, performance management, and organizational behaviour.

Recent Feedback

Adam Cotterall is the best executive recruiter I’ve ever dealt with! He is highly skilled at observing, reading, and understanding people, and extremely responsive to his clients’ needs.” – Chief Financial Officer, Purpose-led organization

My experience with Adam and his team was incredible. Adam was courteous, professional and authentic in his engagement. Truly appreciated what Adam has done for me. During the process I found a great partner and a true friend. Some relationships lasts beyond the intended engagement and this sure is one of them.” -Mebz Esmail, Vice President, Information Technology

“Adam Cotterall is considered to be a true partner with BCAA when we recruit our senior leaders. He understands our purpose, mission and beliefs and he knows exactly what we’re looking for in terms of cultural fit for a successful candidate experience. He also takes the time that’s necessary to do things right, and there’s never a shortcut. We know that we’re in good hands with Adam and his team and we trust his judgment and his guidance when it comes to the whole recruiting process, from benchmarking candidates to the final step of making an offer. We believe that our BCAA senior leadership team is truly the best in BC, and much of that credit goes to Adam Cotterall and Caldwell Partners.”  -Dawn Demery, SVP & Chief People Officer, BCAA

“The team really ensured to take into account that they were finding a good fit for both the company they were representing but the candidates as well. I felt that I was updated timely through the process on the steps and how the progress was going. I felt that Caldwell was being thorough in their process to ensure a fit. They were not just looking for a hiring to get the job done, but making sure it would be long term partnership.” – Brooke Hanson, VP, Operations

“Our brand and process are extraordinarily important to us and how we partner with agencies and how they carry our brand is something that we take seriously. Jeff, Adam, John, Emily, and the rest of the team have been true partners and have carried our voice and brand through all the work that they have done. I have been very happy with the effort and work that the Caldwell team has put forward and the valued relationship that we have built.” – Director, Talent Acquisition – Canada, Canadian software and services company

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