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Founded in 1970, The Caldwell Partners International Inc. was Canada’s first retained executive search firm. In 1989, Caldwell Partners was the first executive search firm in North America to become a public company.

On May 12, 2010, the Company’s voting Class B shares were converted to non-voting Class A Shares at that rate of 1.149 to 1. The Class A shares were then immediately reclassified as common shares with one vote per share.

Caldwell Partners’ common shares are listed on The Toronto Stock Exchange (TSX: CWL) and trade on the OTCQX Market (OTCQX: CWLPF).

News releases will be posted on the Company’s website immediately after confirmation of dissemination over the newswire. Information posted was accurate at the time of posting, but may be superseded by subsequent disclosures.

For investor relations questions, please contact C. Christopher Beck (President and Chief Financial Officer).

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