Research & Sourcing

Together, Caldwell and IQTalent are a technology-powered talent acquisition firm leveraging the latest innovations in AI to offer an integrated spectrum of recruitment services at all levels. Our IQTalent segment provides a range of services at the professional level in a scalable and adaptable on-demand format.

Candidate research

With IQTalent’s on-demand model and instantly applicable expertise and recruiting research tools, customized research is at your fingertips.

Candidate Sourcing

Paired with your internal team, our candidate sourcing experts can take sourcing off their plates, letting them do what they do best – sell candidates on your company.


A cutting-edge service that provides access to a diverse database of over 175 million professionals from across the globe. Diversify uses AI combined with hands-on curation to create a more diverse and inclusive executive candidate pipeline without biasing you or the executive search team to include or exclude qualified candidates of any background.

For more information about IQTalent, please visit their website.

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