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The social brain hypothesis suggests that our ability to think more complex thoughts has developed to help us handle unusually complex social demands that are essential for living in large groups. Bigger groups entail a greater number of social relationships and nuanced interactions, leading to more intelligence across the group.

Similar theories are surfacing about AI as more machines and systems are connected through complex networks, edge computing for decentralized decisions, and large in-memory data repositories. As for living organisms, whose brain size can be correlated to the quality of their diet and social behavior, similar factors such as sustainability, energy consumption, mutually exclusive data sources, derived large language models and related systems are now evident to AI experts in various industries.

While the first-mover’s advantage in AI development went to tech companies, the data-sources and true potential for value creation lies squarely in the hands of what these tech companies may see as old school sectors. Last year’s new trillion-dollar companies may all have come from the tech industry, but the future ones will come from professional services, healthcare, industrial, finance, education, energy, and defense.

It’s still early to expect everyone in the C-suite to fully understand the coming disruptions. If your industry hasn’t generated large amounts of data yet, there may be a lack of perceived value when weighed against the expense. Look again and you may find the equation is quickly changing and your competitors have found ways to transform that data into intelligence, newer products and services, and value that clients are willing to pay for. To the majority of companies that know they should have the data and deep AI knowledge but lack the awareness of where to get it, we recommend having conversations with thought leaders and developing a more informed view before hiring a chief AI officer or a VP of AI.

Most companies have naturally developed siloed functions such as finance, HR, legal, operations, sales and marketing, to become more efficient and reallocate resources to functions that allow specialization and market differentiation such as product research. Adding operational efficiency could be your company’s first use case for AI.

In the era of AI leadership, corporate potential knows no bounds. Say goodbye to silos and welcome a culture of collaboration and innovation.

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