Academic, Non-Profit, Social Enterprise & Culture

The Social Economy is big and fluid and it shapes almost everything around us.

Academic institutions, professional associations, arts and culture organizations, non-profits, philanthropies, public administration, social enterprises, not-for-profits, hospitals and healthcare, research institutions, public-private partnerships, charities, social agencies – in most Western economies, these organizations represent over 20 per cent of annual GDP.

The Social Economy fosters our economic, social, academic, ecological, health and cultural well-being. Many of these organizations are leaders in resourceful innovation, in transparency and efficiency, and in advancing Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion — unleashing the potential of leaders from equity-deserving groups. Since 2017, our Social Economy team’s record of successful diversity placements stands at 70 per cent.

Caldwell has engaged in thousands of assignments, seeking and placing innovative and productive leaders across the entire broad range of the Social Economy. We value working with boards and committees and understand how they best work. We deliver leaders who inspire excellence, agility, and transparency. And they produce the vigorous social economic success we all count on.

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