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Critical Expertise for the Most Essential Roles in Your Company

Recruiting the exact right person for a role takes on fundamental importance when that person will be responsible for leading the entire organization. Thankfully, Caldwell is a recognized leader in board and CEO recruitment.

Our proven CEO and board search process has successfully driven leadership recruitment for public corporations, private companies, and not-for-profit organizations across all major fields and industries. In fact, through half a century of proven CEO and board recruitment experience, we’ve honed an effective, transparent approach that help clients pinpoint the exact leadership required to take an organization to the next level of achievement.

Whether you’re looking for a CEO with proven skills in a particular area or industry, or architecting an entire board made up of diverse backgrounds and expertise, our past experience, client focus and international market presence will turn up the right talent in the most efficient and effective manner possible.

At Caldwell, we assemble a team of senior-level professionals, ensuring each member offers specific expertise in your particular market and area of expertise. Equally important, these team members have gained personal board experience through either current or previous board service.

CEO and Board Searches, Simplified

Our preliminary process entails detailed discussions with your own internal team and in-depth, collaboration. Our team will develop a keen understanding of your company’s:

  • Current board structure and terms of service
  • Constituencies and independent versus representative interest board membership
  • Current committee structure and charter
  • Core business expertise requirements

Working closely with your stakeholders, we’ll refine role profiles, required competencies, and original search and sourcing criteria before reaching out to potential candidates.

Once we’ve honed an outreach strategy, candidate assessment, short-list recommendations, interview protocols, invitations, offers, and on-boarding process, we then find and present you with only those candidates who most closely match your predetermined criteria. We will keep you informed throughout the search process via detailed launch briefings, stakeholder consultations, and regular, timely updates.

Since we are active in the governance world on a daily basis, our partners already hold a broad and comprehensive view of the boardroom talent who might best fit your needs. With all the essential legwork completed, we can work quickly to identify the top candidates, narrow the field, and then present a shortlist for your consideration.

You’ll choose between pre-vetted candidates, closely complying with the standards you’ve set, and capable of conforming to the cultural composition of your company and existing boardroom.

Proprietary World-Class Evaluation Tools

In partnership with Somerville Partners, Caldwell delivers proprietary evaluation capabilities that provide our clients with objective, analytic, and behaviorally-based, 3rd party assessment feedback. Caldwell LEADERS™ and the Leadership Style Indicator, or LSI®, deliver benchmark performance profiles, based on specific company measures of values and behaviors that fit your organizational culture.

These state-of-the-art tools objectively analyze the skillsets and necessary blend of talent, attributes, and experience desired. A highly effective template not only quantifies hard skills—such as audit, investment management, HR, strategic planning, governance, and regulatory affairs—but balances these criteria with the key desired attributes and leadership styles—such as contained, autonomous, realistic, playful, or systematic. Weighing these areas, we can then provide a realistic assessment of where each candidate excels, and how he or she is likely to perform in your actual business environment.

We’re Here for You, From Initial Inquiry Through Smooth Transition.

Our collaborative process doesn’t end once you decide which candidate to appoint. Your Caldwell team will follow through to ensure that every detail is completed to your satisfaction. Our comprehensive process extends from the initial information exchange to the final negotiations and ongoing follow-up.

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