Consumer & Commercial Banking

Characterized by a high degree of disruption, consolidation, regulatory fluidity and transformation, the consumer and commercial financial services landscape faces its greatest challenge – finding talent to meet the ever-growing, ever-shifting demand of this rapidly moving sector.

Caldwell’s bespoke milestone-driven approach is designed to align your company’s business strategy with your people strategy.

Our team of experts are well-versed in the sector, and have recently placed CEOs, board members and a host of C-suite roles to organizations experiencing significant inflection points of growth and change. We have worked across a multitude of line and functional disciplines responsible for optimizing bench strength, skilling-up talent and succession planning – both encouraging and preparing our clients for growth by making bold choices when it comes to talent.

Our search areas include:

  • Board of Directors (public/private)
  • Line leadership (CEOs, COO, CLO, P/L leaders)
  • Functional leadership (finance, risk, credit, compliance, audit, fraud, marketing, communications, operations, cyber-security and technology)
  • Digital/omni-channel/customer experience leadership


Our clients include:

  • Super-regional banks
  • Midcap banks
  • Community banks
  • Credit Unions
  • Diversified consumer/commercial finance companies
  • Mortgage banking
  • Government-sponsored entities
  • Payment Companies
  • Payment processing/merchant acquiring
  • Fintech/disruptor organizations
  • Service providers

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