Modern Marketing and Growth Officers

The growth agenda is increasingly being defined by advanced marketing and sales approaches that leverage data, technology, AI and machine learning to drive digital strategies that connect with markets and customers. At Caldwell we have developed the Modern Marketing and Growth Officers practice to define and focus our approach on leaders who are both creating value for new companies and transforming legacy companies to fit this new reality.

Talented and innovative marketing and commercial executives are able to align marketing and brand strategy with overarching business objectives; invigorate sales teams and drive productivity; make marketing investments that generate high ROI and reinforce brand positioning; and build a loyal customer base despite rapidly evolving channels in this digital age.

Mastering Transformation

As a result of digital disruption, once-successful legacy businesses are now being upstaged by faster, more nimble start-ups that can easily pivot on the whims of their customers. Companies that don’t adapt may be startled at just how suddenly a once-robust market valuation disappears. Industry leaders who hope to maintain their lead are now wiping the slate clean and totally rethinking the way they approach business to avoid tripping over their own past success.

Marketing and advertising has been one of the first areas to recognize the value of the digital platform. Many have enthusiastically embraced these platforms as a means of supplying the valuable data to respond to fickle customer needs more quickly. Indeed, data, digital, and the technology to power them have become the go-to solution for in-depth insight into customer behavior. Some successful marketers have honed the process down to a science, effectively driving purchases by providing the right motivators at precisely the right moment.

As other disciplines begin to grasp the possibilities, the demand for visionary thinkers will likely reach an all-time high. Obviously, companies that have already secured the industry’s best and brightest will remain well ahead of the curve—leaving their competitors struggling to catch up from a quickly shrinking field of candidates.

Our highly specialized team of partners fully understands the nuances of this fast-evolving discipline, and the issues our clients face in attracting and retaining the right sales and marketing leaders.

Our approach, which is based on a disciplined process honed by 50 years of successful search execution, is highly transparent. It is driven by in-depth launch briefings, robust development of role profiles, competencies, original research and sourcing, timely and regular progress updates, outreach strategy, candidate assessment, recommendations of short-list candidates and interview protocols, invitations, offers, and on-boarding.

Our search teams are seasoned experts in their respective fields, bringing a wealth of experience in helping clients build and maintain a competitive advantage. Below, we’ve listed a selection of the more modern marketing and growth roles we have assisted our clients with:

  • Chief Marketing Officer
  • Chief Growth Officer
  • Chief Revenue Officer
  • Chief Customer/Commercial Officer
  • Customer Design & Experience
  • Digital Innovation
  • Marketing Technology Optimization
  • Performance Marketing

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