Executive & Board Search

Executive & Board Search

For five decades, companies have relied on Caldwell to recruit their highest-level executives and board directors. With more than 20,000 searches under our belt—no firm is better qualified to find the top-notch visionaries you require. From the initial search, to personal on-boarding, to succession planning, Caldwell helps you maximize your company’s potential by securing the best and brightest the industry has to offer.

As one of the world’s premier executive search firms, Caldwell offers the depth and breadth of experience to attract high-level transformational talent to deliver critical value. Our carefully selected, dedicated team of professionals will stay focused on your specific goals and criteria. We’ll leverage our specialized knowledge and longtime relationships to quickly pinpoint the most promising prospects for your needs—including individuals with diverse experience and varied backgrounds.

Executive Search

Outstanding executive leadership understands and embraces critical change. That is why companies rely on Caldwell’s depth and breadth of experience to help them identify and recruit their top leaders. With five decades in leadership consulting, we deliver much more than recruiting expertise. Our dedicated team of professionals also offers knowledgeable, insightful advisory services in areas such as on-boarding, mergers and acquisition integration support, team alignment and development, talent strategies and succession planning.

Caldwell has 50 years of building extensive relationships across industry sectors, geographic locations, and business functions to deliver tailored approaches that are right for our customers. As one of world’s top executive search firms, we have the ability to attract, influence and maintain candidates who can deliver critical value and open the doors to new opportunities for our customers. With each project, we carefully select a specialized and dedicated team that is focused on each customer’s needs, goals and leadership criteria.

Caldwell combines valued experience and objective insight to provide advisory services that keep our customers ahead of the curve. We offers a range of management assessment services that provide customers with insight into the internal and external forces that will shape their future; their current needs and strengths; and what it will take to achieve their strategic vision. Management assessment services from Caldwell can be used on a stand-alone basis, or in combination with other advisory services.

Board Services

The building of an excellent board of directors is fundamental to setting and attaining organizational goals and good governance. It requires discernment, creative balance, foresight and, above all, objectivity.

Caldwell has a substantial practice in recruiting directors for public corporations, private companies, and not-for-profit organizations. We have recruited new boards for pre-IPO businesses, new or newly privatized organizations, and organizations repositioning after a major challenge or event. We have also helped companies renew and augment the combination of skills and experience represented on their board.

Our proven search methodology is based on a disciplined board recruitment process honed by 50 years of successful search execution. Our approach is highly transparent and is driven by in-depth launch briefings, stakeholder consultation and robust development of role profiles, competencies, original research and sourcing, timely and regular progress updates, outreach strategy, candidate assessment, recommendations of short-list candidates and interview protocols, invitations, offers, and on-boarding.

Our proprietary board-planning tool permits objective analysis of skill sets, and helps develop a sense of the ideal blend of skill, talent, and experience that will serve a board’s strategic interests. Not only does our board-planning tool quantify hard skills and experience (such as audit, investment management, HR, strategic planning, governance, regulatory affairs, and the like), it can also quantify the balance of soft requirements needed, such as philanthropic experience, diversity, local market experience, and so on.

As a strategic partner, we address all facets that are critical to board success, from governance, compliance and disclosure, to compensation, roles and responsibilities, and transparency.

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