Cyber Security Officers

The scale of cyber crime has skyrocketed in the last five years. With an estimated 18 victims per second, cyber crime has been termed the number one threat to United States security by top U.S. security advisors, and this level of concern is merely indicative of growing unease elsewhere in the world. In addition, cyber security crimes are now the biggest threat against banks, which are under constant attack both from individuals trying to scam money and nation states and hired guns conducting denial-of-service attacks that cause website and customer service outages.

Organizations that maintain personal information—be it financial information, healthcare records, Social Security numbers or other private information—have a huge responsibility to maintain that privacy, and they no longer can approach their network and data security the way they used to.

Not surprisingly, cyber professionals are in demand more than ever before, and there is a war for talent waging between defense contractors, consulting companies, and technology companies.

Finding the right executive can be difficult, and attracting them to your organization requires the right marketing and value proposition.

Engaging Caldwell is the key in finding best-in-class talent across industries and gaining market intelligence. Our highly specialized team of partners fully understands the nuances of this fast-evolving marketplace, and the issues companies face in attracting and retaining these in-demand leaders.

Our experience supporting Fortune 1000 companies, and our expertise in the defense, technology, and consulting arenas, where these talented executives reside, makes us well placed to recruit the right cyber security leaders. We have completed thousands of executive recruitment assignments since 1970, developing in that time a reputation for innovation, insight, and far-reaching access to exceptional leadership and game-changing talent.

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