Data, Digital & Technology Officers

Things move fast in the digital world. Those companies who hope to keep up need digital thinkers who can stay at least two steps ahead of change.

Since 1970, Caldwell has helped forward-thinking companies secure data, digital and technology masterminds, capable of reimagining a company’s entire operating model. By leveraging our solid reputation and trusted industry relationships, we locate game-changing innovators ready to blaze a trail to your corporate goals and objectives.

Whether you’re looking to enhance the customer experience through greater insight, beef up security, or totally reimagine the brand, our longtime expertise and service-minded approach will find the precisely talent you require. In fields as diverse as finance, healthcare, education, government, and the arts, we connect you to the movers and shakers who are reshaping the digital universe.

Mastering Transformation

As a result of digital disruption, once-successful legacy businesses are now being upstaged by faster, more nimble start-ups that can easily pivot on the whims of their customers. Those companies who don’t adapt, by initiating their own digital disruption, may be startled at just how suddenly a once-robust market valuation disappears. Industry leaders who hope to maintain their lead are now wiping the slate clean and totally rethinking the way they approach business. Otherwise, they risk tripping over their own past success.

Marketing and advertising has been one of the first areas to recognize the value of the digital platform. Many have enthusiastically embraced these platforms as a means of supplying the valuable data to more quickly respond to fickle customer needs. Indeed, data, digital, and the technology to power them have become the go-to solution for in-depth insight into customer behavior. Some successful marketers have honed the process down to a science, effectively driving purchases by providing the right motivators at precisely the right moment.

As other disciplines within the organization begin to grasp the possibilities, the demand for visionary thinkers will likely reach an all-time high. Obviously, those companies who have already secured the industry’s best and brightest will remain well ahead of the curve—leaving their competitors struggling to catch up from a quickly shrinking field of candidates.

The Importance of Building Leadership from Within

If your organization has been around for awhile, there’s a good chance it has relied heavily on outsourced data, digital and technology talent. In many cases, companies that needed to quickly shore up their resources ahead of an impending Y2K breakdown, depended heavily on third-party vendors for the necessary talent to meet an immovable deadline. Although outsourcing satisfied the immediate need for what turned out be a non-event, it also set up organizations for an eventual leadership crisis.

Fast forward a couple of decades, and data, digital, and technology expertise, along with the corporate flexibility they provide, have become increasingly important to the success of a company. In many cases, the ability of corporations to pivot in the face of growing customer and market expectations has become table stakes in a highly competitive landscape. For those companies who prefer to lead rather than follow, filling these now-essential, high-ranking roles with experienced, effective leaders has become an all-or-nothing proposition.

Many companies have been left scrambling to fill gaps. They’re coming to grips with the fact that survival of their brand may depend on the dedicated, internal resources to provide leadership in areas as diverse as network security, project management and emerging technologies. Unfortunately, those organizations lacking effective internal leadership in these roles may fail to secure a significant share of the market.

How Caldwell Can Help

With so much riding on data, technology, and digital transformation, only those companies who secure disruptors, capable of separating a brand from the corporate pack, can expect to gain and maintain industry leadership positions. Our longtime involvement with in-house placement, as well as outsourcing puts Caldwell ahead of its own competition in terms of locating, recruiting, securing, and maintaining much-needed digital, data, and technology talent.

Over the decades, we’ve built many successful relationships in these areas, enabling us to move quickly to locate precisely the right visionaries for your needs. Relying on our longtime industry insight and perspective, we can quickly pinpoint candidates with the exact mindset and skillset required to revolutionize your company.

Whether you’re looking for a new chief information officer (CIO), chief digital officer (CDO), chief technology officer (CTO), or anything in-between, you can rest assured, our expert executive recruiters have a finger on the pulse of an ongoing transformation. Even more important, they have the contact list of those who are masterminding it, close at hand.

Below, we’ve listed some of the functional leadership roles we can successfully fill for our clients within the data, digital, and technology realm:

  • Chief Information Officer
  • Chief Technology Officer
  • Chief Data Officer
  • Emerging Technologies
  • Network Administration
  • Project Management
  • Security/Networking
  • Information Technology Officers

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