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The latest whitepaper from Jay Millen, Managing Partner of Caldwell’s Board & CEO practice, Dave Winston, Managing Partner of Caldwell’s Industrial practice, and John Wallace, President and CEO of Caldwell, was recently featured in Industry Today. Read an excerpt from Navigating Uncharted Waters in Uncertain Times: Pragmatic governance during the COVID-19 Pandemic below:


Health and Safety First

If you have not already mobilized a planning team or created an emergency operations center; do it now. This can be as simple as accelerated and focused planning with the leadership team for smaller enterprises, or the formation of a special committee of the board and a cross-functional team from the business to specifically mobilize and steer through the COVID-19 crisis as the timeline dictates.

Dust off any existing emergency planning documents or crisis communication frameworks if they exist, evaluate them quickly, and update them for the current situation as you consider the following:

––Have you issued a corporate guideline or directive on how the business is responding to the current situation? If you have, make sure you have also pushed out an update process and timeline for ongoing communication. If not, get moving now and use this as a guide:

• Healthcare and insurance contact information reminders for employees
• Reporting processes
• Perceived business impact and support
• Assessment timelines and intervals at which the business will continue to take snapshots of the situation
• Any employee or family identified COVID-19 cases
• Policy for avoiding exposure to include business travel, meeting protocols, social distancing, facility and building cleaning/closure
• Self quarantine or isolation protocols for employees and daily workspace and workplace hygiene protocols

––Who will communicate broadly across the organization and on what communication platforms? Do not leave people in the dark or with a communication void – they will fill it in unpleasant ways, if history is any guide. Consider multi-channel efforts, including videos, video conferencing, conference calls, social media and intranet posts. Establish a multi-level feedback loop to verify messaging is being received and understood.

––How will you manage risk assessment and incident reporting? If you have a robust environment, health and safety (EHS) system, leverage it for flash reporting, incident tracking, and “observation” processes. Each facility, location, or operation should have some sort of daily and weekly flash reporting process that is transparent and available across the business. Additionally, you must develop a risk assessment protocol for all employees and guidelines for preventative health (see appendix) in a global marketplace.

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