How COVID-19 Has Reset the Talent Game in Healthcare and Life Sciences

John Blank, Managing Partner of Caldwell’s Life Sciences & Healthcare Practice, recently spoke with Hunt Scanlon Media, on the necessity of a diverse and inclusive healthcare workforce in this exceptionally competitive landscape for top life sciences talent. Read more in the excerpt below:

An Increase in Activity

“We’re seeing an exceptionally competitive landscape for top talent as companies continue to consolidate and become more innovative,” said John Blank, leader of the life sciences and healthcare practice at Caldwell. “There needs to be a culture of compassion and understanding for the diverse patient population being served. This is different than other industries because you are serving the patients, but the patients’ families are also impacted. In terms of finding candidates who will fit into the culture –referrals from our network of clients, candidates and other industry leaders is a key way to identify executives with the right culture makeup.”

A diverse and inclusive healthcare workforce—both in clinical and nonclinical/corporate settings—can help improve trust and empathy and strengthen the connection with patients and communities, according to Mr. Blank. “The industry is certainly more diverse than it was five years ago, which reflects the focus that healthcare and life sciences companies have been putting on providing better care in the communities they serve,” he said. “I believe that the industry will continue to improve on diversity equity and inclusion as they provide care to their patient populations.”

Caldwell expects to see the continuing consolidation of companies and advancement of digital healthcare. “Innovation will continue to keep the industry strong for years to come,” Mr. Blank said. “At Caldwell, we most often fill roles for CEOs, COOs, CFOs and chief revenue officers. The new roles we’ve been seeing are chief innovation officer, chief of staff and chief strategy officer.”

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