Navigating the New Normal

Leadership after Covid

Over the course of two months in early 2020, roughly half the world’s population had been put under some form of stay-at-home order. It was lockdown on an unprecedented scale. The impact on how we live and work was immediate and widespread. We saw working practices that had been decades in the making effectively ripped up and replaced overnight.

How will this once-in-a-generation transformation impact employers and employees in the longer term? What happens to collaboration, innovation and creativity when people regularly work apart? Are different leadership skills needed for this new, hybrid world? And, critically, what does all this mean for how organizations approach recruiting new leaders?

To find answers, Ulrika Hagle, Rhian Woodisse, and Alex Alcott spoke to senior business and HR leaders in different industries across Europe, Asia Pacific and the US. We have summarized our findings from these interviews in this whitepaper along with insights from our ongoing recruitment work globally. Our aim is to help build a better understanding of what this changed working environment means for business leaders – today and in the future. Download our latest whitepaper, Navigating the New Normal: Leadership after Covid, below.

Man at the top of stairs looking at the horizon Navigating the New Normal

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