The American Cancer Society in Illinois Welcomes Four New 2021- IL Board Members

CHICAGO, Feb. 26, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — The American Cancer Society is proud to announce the addition of four stellar community leaders to join the Illinois Area Board. Ken Hallman, John Greene, Carlos Cata, and Megan McNerney, M.D., Ph.D.

–   Hallman, a Chicagoland business executive, brings a marketing industry exposure new to the group of community leaders.

–   Greene, CFO of Discover Financial Services, recently came to the Chicago community but adds a trove of impactful leader experience.

–    Cata, the Managing Partner of Caldwell’s Chicago office, adds a history of knowledge of – nonprofit board participation, executive recruiting and personal drive for our mission.

–    In addition, this year we asked Dr. McNerney, an ACS-funded research delegate, to take a seat on the IL Board to consult on the development of a pay-if council focused on increasing funding of ACS approved state research projects.  

“I am passionate about supporting the mission of ACS because it is an organization truly making a difference in reducing the impact of cancer.  ACS plays a critical role in increasing awareness, promoting widespread screening, and supporting research and treatments that are helping people live longer with cancer than ever before,” said Hallman.

“There is power in hope and power in the relentless focus on curing and supporting those who suffer from cancer.  It is this hope and drive that motivates me to serve ACS,” said Cata.

Peter Steele, Vice President Illinois Market, regards the experience these community members bring to the board as important to the Society’s mission.

“We are honored to welcome John, Ken, Carlos, and Megan as the newest members to the Chicago Board, kicking off 2021,” said Steele. “I am thrilled to see the impact these passionate business leaders will bring to the fight against cancer.”

“I am excited to welcome our new ACS IL Area Board members. These high impact leaders will be partnering with ACS and our current IL Area Board members to advance the ACS mission in Illinois by specifically advancing research and our focus on diversity, equity, and inclusion.  Our fight to stop cancer just got stronger!” said Andrea S. Marks, Vice Chair of the Illinois Area Board, and Senior Vice President, Chief Analytics Officer (CAO) for OptumRx.

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