Skyminyr Launches AI-Driven Human Capital Intelligence platform with Seed Funding From Leading Search Firms, Angel investors and Executives from Cisco and Google

SAN DIEGO, March 17, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Skyminyr, an innovative human capital intelligence platform company, launched today, announcing $2.5m in seed funding raised to accelerate continued development of its platform and begin go to market operations. Skyminyr has built the first AI-driven human capital intelligence platform, which will pair global top talent, across any industry with its new technology to help companies recruit, manage and optimize retention of its most valuable asset: Human Capital.

Investors in the seed round for Skyminyr include some of the worlds largest, technology enabled search firms including True Search, Caldwell Partners and IQTalent as well as leading financier, Karmel Capital. The funding will be used to accelerate the development and rollout of its innovative Skyminyr platform, which combines talent acquisition, talent retention and relationship intelligence.  

With a new world of hybrid and remote work providing a vastly changed backdrop for employers, companies are faced with poor visibility on how to recruit, retain and optimize the employee experience for the highest performers in the market. 

“Skyminyr was formed to do three things,” said Alex Bates, Founder and CEO of Skyminyr. “First, to deliver an unparalleled talent retention solution that enables companies to retain their highest performers, second to help recruit the best talent, and third to map out advanced relationship intelligence in the industry to help enterprises gain a massive competitive human capital advantage over their competitors.”

Skyminyr has spent three years in development mode with a leading team of data scientists to apply AI driven, predictive algorithms to massive data sets of Human Capital correlated to organization’s success. The platform provides human capital insights to a company in comparison to its peers. It can serve as an early warning system for looming talent issues based on benchmarking. The platform also provides access to talent flow, allows companies to predict movements, monitor retention risk and increase employee engagement.

In addition, Skyminyr has formed an advisory board of industry leading executives, including Brendan Castle, SVP and Global Head of Recruiting at Google, Steve Cox, Vice President of Employee Experience at Cisco Systems, Matthew Guss, Executive Search Consultant at Russell Reynolds Associates, Betsy Wouldenberg, former CIA Officer, and Jim Bethmann, a Managing Partner at search firm Caldwell Partners. 

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