Looking North: Canada’s Top Search Firm Charts Path to Success

A conversation with John Wallace, CEO and Elan Pratzer, Managing Director – Caldwell Partners

For decades, Canada – with 1.4 million companies – has been one of the most important and influential economies in the world. Today it ranks as the 11th largest. As in other developed nations, the service industry dominates Canada, which employs approximately three quarters of its workforce.

Against this backdrop and with a recovering economy at hand, identifying and recruiting the right leadership talent for these key sectors and the companies that power them remains paramount among Canadian corporations. As the case has been in other developed nations, companies in Canada have historically turned to the executive search industry to fill positions that are critical to their operations and growth. But, to many in Canada, there is one name that is most identified with Canadian executive recruitment – Caldwell Partners International – the largest Canadian founded firm and one of four publicly-held search firms.

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