Leaning Into the Turn

Refocusing Leadership and Communication in the Continuing
Coronavirus Crisis

While the scientific community had hoped the heat and humidity of the summer months might limit the spread and severity of the virus, we are seeing that the dreaded specter of community spread continues to be a problem in many states, provinces, and dense urban landscapes. Dr. Anthony Fauci, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, said recently that the world is still ‘knee-deep in the first wave’ of the Coronavirus pandemic and that action is needed to curb the spread.

Based on what we’re seeing, there is little reason to believe the virus will stall out in this quarter and is more likely to gather steam and spread on an exponential basis as we move into the fall. Every model has essentially been wrong, predictions change every 24 hours, and we’re seeing responses ranging from sheer panic to total apathy in our fellow citizens. As a result, it is incumbent on leaders – especially in our business and not-for-profit communities – to think carefully about the steps needed to galvanize their organizations, continue preparing for and reacting to rapid change in the spread of COVID-19, and redouble their efforts to engage with and protect their team members and families in the months ahead.

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