Leading in the New Normal

Board and Leadership Lessons from the Pandemic

In March 2020, when COVID-19 sent the world home for an unknowable period of time, at Caldwell, we launched an effort to bring business leaders together to share information, hear from a variety of experts, and help mitigate the isolation.

With those goals in mind, we launched a webinar featuring a few business leaders as presenters and ample time for questions from the audience. In 16 months we hosted 32 sessions with 100 business and community leaders and 2500 different board directors and C-suite executives from across North America and around the world.

From our vantage point, collaboration among companies seemed at an all-time high during COVID-19, and this was one aspect of that. The forum allowed business peers to hear how others were navigating the rough seas, share insights on common challenges, and validate choices related to remote work.

What else did we learn during these conversations? Across the range of topics discussed, a few messages and priorities repeatedly came through from board directors and management leaders, and we heard more detail on these matters during follow-up conversations with listeners, all discussing the new normal.

Learn from board directors and CEOs from across North America about new board and management priorities, the return-to-office puzzle, and the biggest lessons learned from the pandemic and economic crisis in our newest whitepaper.

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