The importance of the beginning — 4 must-dos to improve employee onboarding.

CREANDUM: Sourcing, interviewing, evaluating, negotiating and closing candidates is what most people define as recruiting. But one of the most fundamental parts of any complete recruiting process also involves onboarding the new hire onto your organization. Onboarding is the structured way get a new employee to a fully contributing team member. During this time period, an employee’s output is often negative because they consume resources from the rest of the organization. But don’t do the common mistake of disregard the onboarding process’ importance.

Click here to read Creandum’s blog post, which give some of their best practices and some insights from Mercedes Chatfield-Taylor, managing partner of our Private Equity & Venture Capital Practice.

Successful onboarding requires a strong foundation and a transparent plan. This requires a commitment on the part of the full organization.”Mercedes Chatfield-Taylor, Managing Partner at Caldwell Partners.

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