Getting an executive recruiter’s attention with Twitter

Twitter is more than just a great way to keep up with friends and family – it can actually be an effective weapon in your job search arsenal. According to The Wall Street Journal, Twitter is becoming the new resume, with executive search firms increasingly turning to the social media as a source for qualified candidates. The Journal reported that companies have seen Twitter’s potential and believe that it will only get more sophisticated as time goes on, which means that job-seekers need to use the platform effectively to get the attention of executive recruiters.

Start with a good bio contributor Shannon Lowder reported that a good bio is necessary because it’s the first thing a recruiter will see when he or she lands on your Twitter profile. It’s important to have a picture of yourself that is professional and simple, and this image should match the photo on other social media profiles, including Facebook and LinkedIn. The biography itself is limited to 160 characters, but it should be loaded with keywords that relate to the field in which you work. Try to pack as many applicable keywords about your skill set into that space as possible without having it look like a string of random words.

Many candidates will find that it’s helpful to take a look at the biographies of other professionals in the field. While you shouldn’t plagiarize or lift content from other bios, taking a look at the way that other executives have structured their information can give you a sense of how yours should fit together.

Fix your feed

Perfecting your Twitter feed can be tricky. You want to tweet about things that are fun and interesting, but how much professionalism is required? Some experts advocate only using the site for professional purposes, but according to Lowder, this can make a Twitter feed look fake. She recommended that job seekers strike a balance between work and play. However, candidates should be sure that even personal tweets are free of profanity and crude content.

Build online relationships

Professionals who are seeking high-level employment should also consider using hashtags to their advantage. By searching for hashtags in your industry, you can stay up to date on emerging trends while keeping an eye on the people in your field who have a strong Twitter presence. Take a look at what other professionals are tweeting about to determine what you need to know to remain at the forefront of the industry.

In addition, candidates can actually use Twitter to build online relationships with key players in their fields. You can retweet other users if you want to share their thoughts with your followers, or tweet at them to foster an online dialogue. If you converse with someone enough on the social media site, you may even want to follow him or her. According to Small Business Search Marketing, candidates can also utilize tools like to find influential Twitter users in a given field. It’s also a good idea to cross-check these Twitter users with a service such as Klout to determine what their specific spheres of influence are.

Above all, Lowder recommended that new Twitter users be patient. You may not get 1,000 followers overnight, but by carefully interacting and sharing with other users, you can improve your clout within the industry and forge new professional connections.

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