Cyber Security Recruiter on the Shortage of Professionals and How to Negotiate and Retain Staff

Cyber Security Hub: One of the most pressing issues today is the threat of cyberattacks. A major challenge in the cybersecurity field is the lack of skilled professionals and how to find them. This was the topic of Monday’s Task Force 7 Radio episode 51, with host George Rettas, president and CEO of Task Force 7 Radio and Task Force 7 Technologies.

Rettas’ guest was Matt Comyns, a managing partner at Caldwell Partners, an executive cybersecurity recruiting firm. Comyns focuses on recruiting chief information security officers and other information security leaders for large global corporations. To be a successful cybersecurity recruiter, you have to live in that world for a while, he said.

“I’ve found more and more of my clients, especially in a category like this, are looking for specialization. And the only way you can really get that is to live in it for a while,’’ Comyns said. “There’s an extra hop in my step every day when I do my job knowing that it’s doing some good overall for the market.”

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