Caldwell Launches Blockchain Advisory Council with BTblock

-Caldwell to be premier executive search firm for organizations employing blockchain technologies-

Toronto – August 2, 2018 – As part of the firm’s strategic initiative to position clients ahead of critical emerging technologies, Caldwell is excited to announce the formation of its Blockchain Advisory Council, aimed at driving the understanding, integration and implementation of blockchain technologies for Caldwell client companies.

Caldwell has partnered with blockchain consulting firm, BTblock, to lead the development and launch of the Blockchain Advisory Council, the newest offering within its Agile Talent Solutions.

“Blockchain technologies carry the potential for substantial impact within our client’s organizations, as they can enable the strategic reorganization of workflows and related structures,” said Chris Beck, chief operating officer of Caldwell. “Businesses in every area of the economy are rethinking how best to use talent and leverage it in different ways, and Caldwell is at the forefront of this changing dynamic. With the launch of the Blockchain Advisory Council, we are the premier executive search partner for clients as they train and position the key executives who will lead their adoption of blockchain technologies.”

In an interview with Bloomberg, David Garrity, partner at BTblock, said “despite cryptocurrency issues, enterprise interest in possible blockchain applications is growing and far reaching for any supply chain. IBM in March 2017 launched the Hyperledger Fabric blockchain in conjunction with Energy-Blockchain Labs, as a means of tracking carbon assets in China. This creates a measurable and auditable system for tracking emissions, and facilitates a tradable market for companies seeking to offset their energy consumption whilst incentivizing greener industrial practice, for example. Blockchain technology potentially has broad application. Look for successful blockchain deployments to underpin and support the value of the related cryptocurrency tokens.”

The goal of the Blockchain Advisory Council is to provide Caldwell’s clients with the opportunity gain deeper knowledge on the world of blockchain disruption and its portents, and potentially put this knowledge into action.

“There is no shortage of good use-cases for Blockchain” said Tammy Kahn, Partner at BTblock. “It does, however, require thinking strategically about where blockchain is best leveraged within a company. Once that is determined, though, all roads lead to finding talent. In partnering with Caldwell, we can ensure the vision and strategy is executed with the right hire. This is a forward-thinking initiative that will facilitate real business results for Caldwell’s clients.”

About Caldwell

At Caldwell we believe Talent Transforms. As a leading provider of executive talent, we enable our clients to thrive and succeed by helping them identify, recruit and retain their best people. Our reputation–nearly 50 years in the making–has been built on transformative searches across functions and geographies at the very highest levels of management and operations. We leverage our skills and networks to also provide agile talent in the form of flexible and on-demand advisory solutions for companies looking for support in strategy and operations. With offices and partners across North America, Europe, Latin America and Asia Pacific, we take pride in delivering an unmatched level of service and expertise to our clients.

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About BTblock

BTblock is a blockchain consultancy firm founded by seasoned entrepreneurs who have built successful businesses. Their goal is to educate on blockchain, determine where it fits in a company’s product roadmap, and add leverage to ongoing blockchain projects, working with the project sponsors and the technology providers. They bring a network of experienced independent consultants to the process at the appropriate time in the innovation life cycle, in order to ensure maximum value is extracted from investment and business value is delivered. Please visit our website at for more information.

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