3 tips for getting back on the executive track

The Great Recession had a marked effect on unemployment, with job opportunities plummeting across virtually all sectors and scores of workers getting laid off, and people in C-level positions were no exception.

Indeed, according to an analysis of 2010 figures from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, as many as 2.5 million executives were displaced due to the economic turmoil, TechRepublic reports.

In an April article picked up by Get News, corporate analyst and financial executive Steve Picarillo observed that although unemployed executives typically have a wealth of skills and experience, that doesn’t necessarily make the hunt for the perfect position any easier. In fact, he noted, “their job searches can be long, emotionally demanding and financially difficult.”

With this in mind, he offered several tips for executives eager to get back into the workforce without selling themselves short.

Take advantage of your network

Executives spent years building their professional networks, and it’s times like this when all that effort may come in handy.

“Don’t be afraid to knock on every door, call and email every friend you have in the business world, and send your resume everywhere,” Picarillo advised. He added that those seeking new positions should avoid being too myopic in their searches by considering alternative locations or industries.

In the minds of many in their networks, C-level executives are linked to their former employers – and, by extension, those employers’ brands. So what do you do when you’re no longer tethered to your old company? According to Picarillo, this is the perfect opportunity to make your brand more about you. He suggested creating a personal website, starting a blog, penning articles that feature industry insights or cover current events, and even coming up with a logo. When it comes down to it, the method of building a personal brand doesn’t matter as much as the final product – i.e. establishing oneself as an entity that isn’t inextricably linked to a corporation.

Stay positive and motivated

While it can be easy to get discouraged after a negative event like job loss, it’s important not to let adverse circumstances be demoralizing. That said, executives need to treat the employment hunt with the appropriate seriousness and dedication. In a sense, the job search is a full-time job in itself, and should be approached as such.

“Wake up in the morning, have a cup, dress for work and get to work finding a job,” Picarillo advised.

Leverage the expertise of executive recruiting firms

Executive search and recruitment experts bring a wealth of experience, knowledge and connections to the table that may prove invaluable to those whose journey along the executive track got derailed by the economy, so to eschew the option of working with management recruiters is a mistake.

“Don’t dismiss the importance of executive recruiters,” Picarillo warned, noting that they “have their fingertips on the pulse of the job hiring front.”

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