Global Cybersecurity Study Explores Talent Needs

Hunt Scanlon Media: A new report reveals how progressive companies are keeping cyber intruders at bay. Here’s the first of a two-part look at the changing face of cybersecurity leadership. The threat of cyber attacks, and the damage they can cause, continues to grow. As technology develops and companies evolve, cyber hoodlums find more ways into the systems of organizations, raising the potential to wreak havoc. What took years to build can be destroyed in just a short time. The costs on so many fronts are astronomical. Meeting the challenge is critical for any organization’s protection and even its survival.

Matt Comyns, managing partner of the cybersecurity practice at Caldwell Partners, who was not involved in the study, agreed that it is vital for organizations to look beyond mere humans for protection. “In today’s sea of data and cyber alerts, human beings simply don’t scale without leveraging analytics and automation,” he said. “Like in other aspects of business, it is vital to invest in intelligent systems to handle the complexity of our digital environments.”

Also a critical differentiator for organizations: being able to attract, develop and retain top talent, he said. “By reducing complexity and automating as many individual tasks and analyses as possible, talent is freed up to perform their most meaningful work. This leads to better organizational performance and improved morale/ retention.”

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